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  • This group was formed to promote, organise and play vigoro.Championships are rotated between the states. The season is from October to March. It is envisaged that more schools will take an active part in the sport, and field competition teams. There is...
  • The Police and Citizens' Youth Club is a non-profit charitable organisation which provides low-cost, high quality activities for the community, particularly youth.The activities are conducted by qualified and experienced staff, many of whom are volunteers...
    Western Australia
  • This is the central body for marching in Tasmania. While marching may require physical mobility, there may be many ways people with disabilities can be involved - administration, support etc. People with disabilities other than physical are welcome....
  • This Association provides recreation and sport for children and young adults in the local area.Program changes rapidly, contact the Dalby PCYC for details of programs being offered. There are some programs for people with disabilities, and the...
  • Sky Dive Adelaide is a school of sport parachuting. It is also a social club for students and experienced jumpers.Tandem Skydiving - want to experience all the fun of skydiving? Then take a ride, with an experienced instructor on a parachute built for two...
    South Australia
  • The NTBA co-ordinates Bridge in the Northern Territory.There are four affiliated clubs - Alice Springs Bridge Club, Darwin Bridge Club, Arafura Bridge Club (Darwin) and Palmerston Bridge Club. These clubs are each in premises which allow wheelchair...
    Northern Territory
  • To foster and encourage the sport of model aviation. Please ring for information about facilities, assistance and encouragement for members with a disability who would like to participate.
    Western Australia
  • This is the central body for Archery in Western Australia. The Society exists for the promotion and development of archery in all its facets - target, field, clout, flight and indoor. It carries out the necessary organisation to provide its members with...
    Western Australia
  • We are an organisation which caters for all youth. We try to give youth a fresh social outlook, outlet and safe area to socialise.
    New South Wales
  • The objectives of police citizens youth clubs are to promote programs and activities directed to the personal, physical and cultural development of children and adolescents. Citizens and police become aware of their responsibilities towards children and...