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  • The Royal Life Saving Society is the 'other' life saving organisation - a voluntary service water related organisation which operates inland.Although it conducts patrols on Adelaide's West Lakes, it concentrates mainly on the 'teaching' aspects of life...
    South Australia
  • Currently providing gymnastics for local persons with a disability, also provide police lecturing for community at large on wide ranging policing topics.Domestic Violence operate daily counselling service ongoing anger managment workshops
    New South Wales
  • We are the National Sporting Organisation representing competitive and social bowlers in Australia.We cater for all groups including people with disabilities. We are constitutionally bound to assist and foster any person or persons who wish to participate...
  • The objectives of police citizens youth clubs are to promote programs and activities directed to the personal, physical and cultural development of children and adolescents.Citizens and police become aware of their responsibilities towards children and...
  • Orienteering is a sport which involves finding your way through unfamiliar country with the aid of a map and a special compass. Competitions are run, where the participants leave at regular intervals from the starting point and must find their way to...
    Australian Capital Territory
  • We provide youth services program, drug and alcohol counselling, truancy program, youth counselling, all sporting programs, education programs - peer support, protective behaviours, sexual assault, crime prevention workshop, safety lectures.We are a multi...
    New South Wales
  • Objectives of the NSW police community youth clubs are to promote programs and activities directed to the personal, physical and cultural development of children and adolescents, to awaken to awaken the community and police to their responsibilities...
    New South Wales
  • The Duke of Edinburgh's Award offers all young people a challenge to endeavour and achieve through a balanced program of leisure activities, in which they are encouraged to serve others, acquire new skills and experience adventure.There is a wide choice...
  • This is a senior citizens Centre with facilities for members.The main centre includes a library and hairdresser. People with disabilities are welcome to join in with activities, but there is no staff assistance available.
  • This is the central body for Amateur Fishing clubs in Queensland. Please ring for information about clubs and groups who offer facilities, assistance and encouragement for people with disabilities who would like to participate.