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  • 1 x 2bed units accessible
    Western Australia
  • Wheelchair accessible tourist accommodation. This venue was recommended by Paraquad NSW. In addition to room service, the hotel has an accessible restaurant, and an accessible toilet nearby. There are also food outlets nearby that are either accessible,...
    New South Wales
  • Wheelchair accessible tourist accommodation. 1 Motel room with 1 queen size bed. Also 1 standard room with walk in shower.
  • Wheelchair accessible tourist accommodation.
    New South Wales
  • wheelchair accessible accommodation. 1 bedroom unit, 3 room suite. 1 queen size bed. Free pick up from Railway Station. Gazebo at dam, man made waterfall very pleasant for picnic's, can drive on the grass to get to it. Food outlet 5 mins from B & B...
    New South Wales
  • 15 x 1 bed, 2 bed and motel rooms. Tennis Courts, Golf, Rose Gardens.
    New South Wales
  • Accommodation stated that it was difficult to guarantee facilities meet required standards, however they are happy to discuss with individuals their specific needs on accommodation. Closest park to Western Plains Zoo, disabled bathroom at amenities block...
    New South Wales
  • Wheelchair accessible accommodation, 2 double beds in each room. 10 eating establishments within walking distance. Inner City. "Barters Restaurant" in house dining. River walks.
    New South Wales
  • Only suitable for assisted access, probably not enough room for lifting devices. 1 x motel room with 1 queen and 1 single bed.
    New South Wales
  • Wheelchair accessible accommodation, 9 disabled units or 1, 2, 3, 4 or five. The surf is approximately 15 minutes from Manly Corso and ferry terminal, situated at Queenscliff end of Manly Beach. Numerous restaurants/takeaway and deliveries. Clubs in close...
    New South Wales