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  • Volleyball Victoria is the central organising body for volleyball in Victoria. They can provide information on social and competitive volleyball in many formats throughout Victoria. They can also provide details on rules and resources, including...
  • Football Federation Victoria (FFV) is the central body for soccer in Victoria. In collaboration with Sport and Recreation Victoria, and the Leisure Action, the FFV assists in the development of wheelchair soccer. The role of the FFV is to support the...
  • This is the central body for pistol shooting in Victoria.Pistol shooting is a good sport for someone in a wheelchair. Most shooting ranges would either be accessible or accessible with some assistance. Please contact the Association for information on...
  • This is the central body for indoor cricket in Victoria.The Club works closely with VICSRAPID to provide a team for national tournament. People with disabilities will be assisted where possible, but may need to bring people who can give them the level of...
  • CVI is the governing body for calisthenics in Victoria, representing 112 clubs in metropolitan and regional areas. Please call us for details of clubs in your area that can accommodate your needs and abilities.
  • Basketball Victoria is working with VICSRAPID and other disability groups to facilitate more participation opportunities.People in wheelchairs who wish to play basketball, are referred to Wheelchair Sport Vic. There are no details available of facilities...
  • Little Athletics offers a wide range of running, walking, throwing, jumping, skill development and play training events.Any boy or girl of 5 to 15 years of age can register to join Little Athletics Centres throughout Victoria and over 26 000 children are...
  • This is the central body for athletics in Victoria. Please ring for information on clubs and groups who provide facilities, assistance and encouragement for people with disabilities who would like to participate.Contacts who may be able to give assistance...
  • This club is a member of the New South Wales Parachute Council. Please ring for details of assistance, and encouragement for people with disabilities who would like some high flying fun.
    New South Wales
  • The SLSWA is a voluntary organisation, of over 11000 members providing protection to the public who use the beaches. Competition for our members is provided as an incentive and encouragement to join.People with disabilities are welcome to become members....
    Western Australia