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  • This Centre provides a number of programs for people with disabilities.There is an integration program which helps with gross and fine motor skills, co-ordination and social skills. There is a Special Olympics Program for people with intellectual...
  • People with disabilities can participate in all programs.
    Western Australia
  • This centre is open to all. There are no specific programs for people with disabilities, but many of the sports may be suitable. Please ring for more information.
    South Australia
  • The Kiama Leisure Centre aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for the people of Kiama and its environs (and visitors).The Centre provides quality recreational and sporting facilities. It endeavours to be financially within the reach of everyone.
    New South Wales
  • Anybody regardless of age or ability can bowl and bowl well with a little practice. Twin Cities Tenpin Bowl is the complete family entertainment centre and a highly professional and modern bowling facility.Sanyo Drive is a two acre lot. Plenty of parking...
  • Tenpin bowling can be played by people with any kind of disability. We have people with intellectual disabilities bowling in our leagues. People in wheelchairs play here with equipment designed for them.Children as young as three years can play as the...
  • This is an accessible sports centre.The bowling lanes have permanent bumpers, ensuring people with disabilities can enjoy the ball striking pins at all times. There is a ramp for wheelchairs. The Centre also has tuition, and guidance for all. There is a...
  • A place open to all for sport and recreational activities. All programs are available for 'newcomers' at any time of the year. The Centre is mostly staffed by volunteers, and many more are needed. The more volunteers there are, the more chance the Centre...
  • Tenpin Bowling Centre with 12 lanes and video machines, fully computerised television, fully stocked snack bar.The Bowling Centre has a wheelchair ramp. There are also `Leisure Link' bowlers on a regular basis. There is a bowling frame and bowling balls...
    New South Wales
  • The Kew Recreation Centre is fully accessible and caters for people of all ages and levels of disability. Prime Mover activities are offered to meet the needs of older frail isolated people.The Centre is used by a number of schools and organisations....