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  • Norden Transport Equipment has mobility aids and equipment available for hire in Melbourne.One of the items is an wheelchair accessible eight seater Toyota Commuter bus, with a hoist. The vehicle can seat eight (8) including the driver and two (2)...
  • This company has wheelchair accessible taxis. Access is via a ramp, and the passenger travels in their wheelchair, which is firmly secured to the floor.There is no extra charge for these cabs. It is sometimes possible to get one quickly, but it is...
  • Disability Hire Vehicles offer wheelchair accessible vans, cars with hand controls or left foot accelerator for hire/rent. A variety of car seat/wheelchair layouts are available.Vehicles can be taken anywhere in Australia. Flexible pick up/delivery time...
    New South Wales
  • The Taxi Users Subsidy Scheme has been introduced by the Government of WA to foster greater independence and improve the quality of life of people with high support needs. The scheme is administered by the Department of Transport. The scheme is designed...
    Western Australia
  • To provide support by way of practical help, ie domestics, transport wheelchair bus with ramp, handyman, gardening, companionship, shopping, and information to aged and people with disabilities to prevent inappropriate institutionalisation.
    Western Australia
  • This scheme provides for people who, because of disability are unable to use public transport. Taxi fares are offered at half the standard rate to a maximum subsidy of $25/trip.
  • This transport service provides an eleven seater vehicle for use by frail elderly and younger people with disabilities using volunteer drivers. It is available at flexible times for medical visits and social activities etc.
  • This company manufactures wheelchair accessible vehicles with three generations of expertise.It is the size of a station wagon with a raised roof and lowered floor to the rear to take a passenger in a wheelchair. Entry is via a ramp to the footpath and...
    South Australia
  • Scope's Community Inclusion and Development team listen to people with a disability, their supports and their community to facilitate inclusive recreation and leisure opportunities. We also work on a broader level to engage government and service systems...
  • A range of HACC funded services are provided, such as centre or home based respite care, home help, transport, home maintenance and gardening.Please enquire about other local programs and facilities for residents with disabilities. The council has a full...
    Western Australia